Welcome to Yokosuka!

YESS is a brand new sponsorship program just FOR SPOUSES, BY SPOUSES.

The Yokosuka Enhanced Spouse Sponsorship (YESS) program strives to ease the transition of families arriving in the Yokosuka area by providing a friendly and personal connection for military and civilian spouses. This personal connection is achieved through our YESS Sponsors, ultimately enhancing the existing Command Sponsorship Program that serves the military and civilian employee.

YESS volunteers share the common goal of providing to every newcomer a warm welcome, access to information, and a sense of belonging to the Yokosuka Naval Base community. As a sponsorship program created “for spouses, by spouses,” we value the importance of showing respect and compassion newcomers as well as fellow volunteers.

Please visit our Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/YESS.Yokosuka.Spouses

Email us at yess.yokosuka@gmail.com