Command Ombudsmen

Below is a list of commands and ombudsmen in Yokosuka.  Every effort is made to keep the list up to date, however, some commands and emails may change.

Afloat Training Group (ATG):

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka:

Commander Seventh Fleet (C7F):

Commander Naval Forces Japan (CNFJ):

Command Task Force 70 (CTF 70):

Computer and Telephone Station:

Com Sub Force 7:

Defense Distribution Yokosuka:


Fleet Logistics Center:

Naval Legal Services Pacific:

Naval Hospital:;

Navy Info Operations Command:

Navy Munition Command East Asia:


Regional Legal Services:

Ship Repair Facility (SRF):

Sub Group 7:

USS Antietam:

USS Barry:

USS Benfold:

USS Blue Ridge:

USS Chancellorsville:

USS Curtis Wilbur:

USS Fitzgerald:

USS McCain:

USS Mustin:

USS McCampbell:

USS Ronald Reagan: 

USS Shiloh:

USS Stethem:


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