Sponsorship Sign-up

The YESS experience includes three types of participants:  the YESS Newcomer, the YESS Sponsor, and the YESS Volunteer. Sign-up today to get started!

The YESS Newcomer includes any military or civilian spouse who is moving to the Yokosuka area and believes that they may want a little extra help and/or personal connection with another spouse during their transition.  If you are a Newcomer to Yokosuka, please request to receive a YESS Sponsor here.

YESS Sponsors are local volunteers who are available to answer questions and point newcomers to existing online relocation information sources.  The schedule is flexible and is a great opportunity to “pay it forward”.  All it takes is a positive attitude and willingness to help!  If you would like to be a YESS Sponsor, please request to be a YESS Sponsor here.

YESS Volunteers help out with the inner-workings of the program, including marketing, sponsorship matching, website support, to leadership positions.  There is a job for everyone!  If you would like to be a YESS volunteer, please email yess.yokosuka@gmail.com.

Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email from one of our YESS Sponsorship Coordinators, who will then provide additional information vie email.  For Newcomers and Sponsors, we use the information that you provide to “match” you with a person of similar family demographics and interests.  That’s it!

If you have any comments or questions about the process, please email yess.yokosuka@gmail.com or post a question on our FAQ page.