Sponsor Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering to become a sponsor for YESS. Any person who cares is the right person! For spouses by spouses, YESS is a spouse, family and community focused support network, and does not compete with the formal command sponsorship programs.

YESS volunteers provide newcomers (military and civilian) with a warm welcome, access to information and helps to give them a sense of belonging when they arrive in the Yokosuka area. YESS is a program designed to help to ease the transition to Japan with a friendly and personal connection.

Will do:
  • Be a friendly “welcome wagon”
  • Introduce newcomers to community resources and indicate which various support networks are available
  • Present a positive, neutral or diplomatic position, no whining here!
  • Be empathetic to the hopes, dreams and frustrations of a newcomer
Can do:
  • Remember there is no “one size fits all”, everyone is different and newcomers will have different needs, but perhaps:
  • Provide small tours on and off base
  • Assist with small errands
  • Share personal stories and local insights to help people feel they belong
Won’t do:
  • Make up good news. If you don’t know the answer, connect newcomers to the relevant resource. You are not expected to know everything!
  • Family Counseling (if necessary refer newcomers to support services on base such as FFSC Counseling and Advocacy, CFAY Security, Duty Chaplain, command ombudsman etc)
  • Babysitting/pet sitting
  • Schedule AOB/ICR class, register for school or childcare provision

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